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Photo of a young boy watching a toad
1996 Toad Suck Daze brochure photo

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Toad Suck Daze
A Local Legacy

Have you ever seen toads race? You can at the Toad Suck Daze in Conway, Arkansas -- a yearly celebration of local culture and history. In addition to regular festivity events such as music, arts and crafts, a business and professional exposition, foot races, dancing, and a fire fighter's competition, the toad race competition takes place on an 8-foot course. And there are strict rules for the race:

  • No frogs -- only toads are allowed to race. What's the difference between a frog and a toad? See below.

  • The toad cannot be prodded, pushed or shoved.

  • Toads may not be thrown, or otherwise propelled other than by their own power, over the finish line.

  • You may touch your toad only to place it back in its lane once it has jumped out of bounds.

Although related, a toad is not the same as a frog. Toads do not spend as much time in the water as frogs; they are generally squatter, shorter and have weaker limbs; and they are rough, dry and warty rather than smooth and moist-skinned.

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