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NASA space shuttle orbiter Challenger, April 1984
NASA space shuttle orbiter Challenger, riding on the 747/shuttle carrier aircraft, returns to Kennedy Space Center after landing at Edwards Air Force Base in California at the conclusion of its mission, April 1984

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Thrust into Space: How the Space Program Changed Brevard County
A Local Legacy

Hold on, a rocket is blasting off!

A shuttle must reach speeds of about 17,500 miles per hour to remain in orbit. And Brevard County in Florida is where America's space program all began. It is home to the John F. Kennedy Space Center of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, better known as NASA.

"Thrust into Space" is the title of a videotape made especially for the Local Legacies project that documents the flights made from this Space Center.

Have you ever dreamed of becoming an astronaut?

Can you guess who the youngest astronaut to date is? How about the oldest astronaut? Sally Ride, the youngest astronaut, was 32 years old when she flew on the space shuttle in June 1983. The oldest is John Glenn, who was 77 when he flew on the shuttle in October and November 1998.

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