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'Atlantic City; Panorama of Beach and Boardwalk From Pier'
Atlantic City; Panorama of Beach and Boardwalk from Pier

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Walking the Boardwalk in Atlantic City
Have you ever played Monopoly? Did you know that the game's most expensive property, Boardwalk, comes from an actual place in New Jersey, called Atlantic City?

The pleasant climate and beaches of Atlantic City had already made it a popular resort destination for New Yorkers by the time the first section of its famous boardwalk was constructed along the beach in 1870. Alexander Boardman, a railroad conductor, thought of the idea of constructing a boardwalk to keep sand out of the railroad cars and hotels. The city used its tax revenues to build an 8-foot-wide temporary wooden walkway, which could be taken down during the winter. The walkway was later extended and made permanent. The rolling chair, introduced in 1884, was the only vehicle allowed on the boardwalk. Guests could be rolled down the boardwalk while sitting down.

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